Résumé of Kent S Johnson

Address 18 Harrington Rd
Cambridge, MA 02140
Note: I am not available for relocation.

kent at kentsjohnson dot com

Telephone   603-345-1268 cell



Master programmer and toolsmith with strong background in object-oriented programming and agile development. Proven ability to design, develop and deliver top-quality, working software using C#, Python, R and Java. Working knowledge of statistics.

I create programs that delight their users, with flexible, extensible architectures that allow growth and change and code that is organized, tested and readable.

Specific experience includes

Professional History

PerkinElmer, Hopkinton, MA, November 2011 (purchase of Caliper) to present
Caliper Life Sciences, Hopkinton, MA, January 2011 (purchase of CRi) to November 2011
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Woburn, MA, April 2008 to December 2010
Principal Software Developer

Architect and principal developer of application software to analyze medical images using C# with WinForms.

Introduced many new practices and tools including agile development, unit testing, continuous integration, code review and Mercurial revision control.

Statistical analysis and modeling using R.

PreFab Software, Chelmsford, MA, March 2007 to April 2008
Principal Software Developer

Principal developer of blogcosm.com including database design and development, extensive data acquisition and storage, custom charting and implementation of the actual website. The website is built using Python, Django, JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery with a PostgreSQL database.

Web site administration using Apache, mod_python, Linux and AWStats.

SkillSoft Corp., Nashua, NH, April 2001 to February 2007
Senior Software Developer

Developed a distributed web application and rich client for maintenance of a courseware database. The rich client is written in Jython and Swing. The back end is written in Jython and Java using the Jetty web server, Java servlets and MS-SQL Server.

Developed a SCORM-compliant web server using Python, CherryPy and XML-RPC.

Developed an editor for custom course content using Jython, Java and Swing. The editor includes an embedded web server based on Jetty.

Developed a database maintenance utility using Jython and MS-SQL Server.

Taught Python programming and led study groups on agile software development.

Enhanced SkillSoft content player applet including localization in 14 languages, making it accessible for users with disabilities (section 508 compliance) and adding a skin feature.

Appropriate Solutions, Peterborough, NH, April 2001

Carbonized the CookWare recipe application (ported the application to work on MacOS X).

Transparent Language, Inc., Merrimack, NH, 1995 to April 2001
Senior Software Engineer

LanguagePro: Principal developer of LanguagePro Server, a key component of the LanguagePro system. LanguagePro Server is a Web application server written in Java using servlets, XML, JDBC and Unicode. It runs on Windows and Macintosh and provides HTTP access to language learning content including text, sound and video. User and administrator interface is browser-based using HTML, JavaScript, applets and WebMacro. Localized to nine languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Mentoring: Organized and led numerous study groups on topics such as Extreme Programming, software design and construction and technical topics.

Vocabulary Master: Principal developer of Vocabulary Master, a vocabulary study program (now marketed as Before You Know It). Written in C++ for Mac and Windows,.

LanguageNow: Lead programmer for three major releases of Macintosh version of company's flagship language learning product written in C++. Key participant in product development process from specification through final test. Major features included a new user interface and internal architecture, support for Japanese text, QuickTime video and Unicode. Product has been localized to Japanese, French, German and Spanish. Key portions of the code base are portable to Windows.

Howtek, Inc., Hudson, NH, 1994 to 1995
Senior Software Engineer

Worked on Aurora image-acquisition software for the Howtek D4000, 4500 and 7500 drum scanners, using MPW C and Microsoft Visual C, including major improvements in the color separation algorithms and numerous bug-fixes.

PixelCraft, Inc., San Leandro, CA. 1993 (acquisition of Barneyscan) to 1994
Senior Software Engineer

Developed QuickScan image-acquisition software for the PixelCraft Pro Imager 8000 flatbed scanner and Howtek D4000 drum scanner. Supervised development of QuickScan for PixelCraft 7650, Sharp JX-610 and UMAX 1200SE scanners. Assisted with design, development and testing of PixelCraft Pro Imager 8000 scanner hardware and firmware.

System administrator for a mixed LocalTalk & EtherTalk network.

Barneyscan Corporation, San Leandro, CA. 1987 to 1992
Co-founder; Director of System Architecture

CIS-3515 Slide Scanner: Co-designer of the world's first desktop transparency scanner. Designed, and built bus interface cards, digital control logic and motor controller. Wrote initial interface and control software. Responsible for design and implementation of analog data acquisition board and user interface and control software for Mac and PC. Received US patent.

CIS-4520 Multi-format Film Scanner: Principal software and electronics architect for CIS-4520 scanner. Managed five programmers and engineers. The CIS-4520 is a high-resolution, high dynamic range desktop transparency scanner for color pre-press production professionals.

Network and computer systems administration: Designed, installed and maintained several LocalTalk and Ethernet networks with up to 35 Macintoshes and PCs.

Bayhouse Corporation, Berkeley, CA. 1982 to 1987

Telemark Ink-Jet Printer: Designed and developed software and electronics for a large-format industrial ink-jet printer system. The printer is controlled by multiple Z80 microprocessors linked through a multi-tasking kernel, and was manufactured and sold by a major vendor of industrial marking equipment. Key participant in all stages of the project from initial concept through manufacturing prototype.

Other projects: Designed and built electronics hardware for experimental linear motion control system. Built prototype electronics for Dunn Instruments DFR8000 film recorder.

National Computer Systems, Berkeley, CA. 1980 to 1981

Lead programmer converting a radiology reporting system from PDP-8 to PDP-11.

Cardiovascular Research Institute, UCSF, San Francisco, CA. 1979 to 1980
Senior Programmer

Completed program to compute ventricular (heart) volume from angiographic data, for clinical use with candidates for coronary bypass surgery.

General computer system and application support to CVRI staff. Installed DECNet software and assisted system manager for multi-user PDP-11 computer.

Comprehensive Health Services, San Francisco, CA. 1977 to 1979
Sr. System Programmer

Systems and applications programming for PDP-11-based multi-user medical records DBMS, including development of a multiple-precision arithmetic package and a communications link and modification of the interpreter for a proprietary application language.

Contributions to Open Source

I have made significant contributions to many open-source projects including these:

For six years I was moderator of and prolific contributor to the python-tutor mailing list.


Neural Networks for Machine Learning, 2012
Computing for Data Analysis, 2012
Machine Learning, 2011

University of Chicago at Illinois
Bioinformatics Training Certificate Program (BiTmaP), 2007

Rivier College, Nashua, NH
Masters Degree candidate in Computer Science, 3.4 GPA.

Amherst College, Amherst, MA
BA mathematics magna cum laude, 1977. Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, A average.


Available on request.